About our tour


The tour begins along side the community of Ndilo, on the frozen Great Slave Lake, the tenth largest lake in the world!


We have an introduction of our Ancestor's history and way of survival in one of the tents they would have lived in, including a trap demonstration and photo shoot with traditional Aboriginal clothing and furs.


Then we will enter our Teepee, where we will learn to build a fire together on a caribou hide & spruce bow bed and share stories of our past.


After the cultural leg of the tour is complete, we will take more Aurora photo's at the Village before heading on the hunt!


We travel in comfortable group sizes of 14 or less per guide.


In total darkness, far from the lights of the city, we can see the Aurora at it's brightest!

*Coming December 1st 2018 Aurora Viewing will be held at the Teepee Village!*

Schedule (10:00 pm - 2:00 am)

  • Arrive in Ndilo

  • Introductions & refreshments provided

  • Furs demonstration & interactive photoshoot

  • Aurora hunting begins with a tour of the frozen ice road (winter)

  • During the hunt we will stop at optimal viewing locations


*Please contact us for any special requests, special events or questions you may have.


$120.00 + G.S.T per person


867 - 688 - 0989

867 - 688 - 5494


• Fall season excludes sliding and driving the ice road as we are still waiting for the ice to freeze


* Net rates available for the travel trade



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See you soon!